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Why or what is your reason for doing a boudoir session? It was a gift for my husband’s birthday.

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DC boudoir photography

Did you have any fears about your session? Were they relevant? I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think I could “look” sexy in poses but that all went out the window because Roosh made it so fun and getting a sneek peek on her camera gave me more confidence as we moved through the different shots.

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DC Boudoir

Did you have any concerns regarding your size/shape? Feel free to share your size or concerns. Did we help you address those during your session or photography you in a way that your size/shape was not a concern? Absolutely! I’m a curvy woman as it is and have a lot of loose skin after losing weight but Roosh knew just how to pose me. I couldn’t believe how just the right angle makes all the difference.

Washington DC Boudoir Photography

What was the outcome? What was your favorite part of your session? It was all great so it’s hard to pick a favorite! I loved how my hair and makeup looked and doing the different poses was exciting.

Did our session planning guide help you prepare for your session? Yes! That was a huge help. It was so detailed and gave a great outline.

Northern Virginia Boudoir Photography
Northern Virginia + Washington DC Boudoir Photography

Would you do a session again? I would definitely do a session again. I would tell another woman that it gives you such a confidence boost and you walk out with your head held a little higher. Not to mention the reaction and extra attention your man gives you when he sees you after!

What would you tell another woman that is considering doing a session? A friend did a session with Roosh and her photos were amazing so I knew the quality of work. Roosh absolutely made me feel comfortable and she could gauge from my comfort level that I could push to limits that I didn’t think I would but I’m so glad I did.

What did you think of your final images/products? I’m so happy with my images! I still can’t believe it’s me.

 Did you use a pre-session payment plan with out studio and do you recommend it? I did a pre-session plan and I do recommend it. It gives you more flexibility to get the most out of your session.

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Elizabeth’s Boudoir Session Thoughts

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All information and images are shared with the client’s permission.

Sara’s Boudoir Session Experience with Roosh Boudoir Photography

Her Size Information

Why are we sharing this information with Sara’s permission is because many clients reach out to us saying they don’t look like the clients on our website. I convey that they are very much everyday women just like you and me, but sometimes not seeing and hearing from clients directly doesn’t share the personal experience quite as only they can.

What Sara Said

“I’m anywhere between a 14-18 depending on who makes it. When I was professionally measured for bras they said I was a 36GG but I wear a 42DDD from Lane Bryant.”

Reston Virginia Boudoir photography
Washington DC + Northern Virginia Full Figure Boudoir Photography
Sara’s Google Testimonial

Sara’s stunning hair and makeup was stylized by Evergreen Beauty. Sara is also an amazing esthetician with Crazy Beautiful Spa– Don’t forget to mention Roosh Boudoir for a special discount on your services with Sara.

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Virginia Boudoir Photography
Virginia Boudoir Photography
Virginia Boudoir Photography
Virginia Boudoir Photography
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Virginia Boudoir Photography
Plus Size Boudoir in DC

A Client’s Perspective About Boudoir

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Ashley’s client review : THANK YOU for today. I seriously had such a blast. You made this experience so care free and fun. I did not have a worry in the world taking my clothes off for you. LOL You made the shoot so comfortable. And just from the preview you showed me I can’t wait to see what they look like after you edit them. This was my first time doing a nude shoot and I think I’m addicted!!! I knew my body was beautiful but I didn’t think it could look THAT beautiful. You truly captured the beauty of my body with the angle of the shot and the lighting. WOW. I can’t wait for our next shoot! Ashley

DC Bridal Boudoir Photography

“You made the shoot so comfortable.”

Ashley’s client review was so wonderful to hear. I love showing clients a different side to themselves. Also, this solid white bodysuit was amazing on her. It was a solid white low v-shaped neckline and a thong in the back. We chose to actually wet her bodysuit a bit to give it a slightly wet and sheer feel to it to just give the viewer an little more to see while still be technically covered up. It works great here, don’t you think?

Alternatively, in the image above, we also paired it with a ribbon belt that was adorned with some sparkle and one of the veils that we keep in the studio for our brides to borrow for their bridal boudoir sessions. Obviously, when it comes to lingerie, Victoria’s Secret Bridal has some great options.

You may see more work of ours on our portfolio or on our Instagram. And don’t forget you can easily contact us from our website.