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Why or what is your reason for doing a boudoir session? It was a gift for my husband’s birthday.

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Did you have any fears about your session? Were they relevant? I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think I could “look” sexy in poses but that all went out the window because Roosh made it so fun and getting a sneek peek on her camera gave me more confidence as we moved through the different shots.

Did you have any concerns regarding your size/shape? Feel free to share your size or concerns. Did we help you address those during your session or photograph you in a way that your size/shape was not a concern? Absolutely! I’m a curvy woman as it is and have a lot of loose skin after losing weight but Roosh knew just how to pose me. I couldn’t believe how just the right angle makes all the difference.

What was the outcome? What was your favorite part of your session? It was all great so it’s hard to pick a favorite! I loved how my hair and makeup looked and doing the different poses was exciting.

Did our session planning guide help you prepare for your session? Yes! That was a huge help. It was so detailed and gave a great outline.

Would you do a session again? I would definitely do a session again. I would tell another woman that it gives you such a confidence boost and you walk out with your head held a little higher. Not to mention the reaction and extra attention your man gives you when he sees you after!

What would you tell another woman that is considering doing a session? A friend did a session with Roosh and her photos were amazing so I knew the quality of work. Roosh absolutely made me feel comfortable and she could gauge from my comfort level that I could push to limits that I didn’t think I would but I’m so glad I did.

What did you think of your final images/products? I’m so happy with my images! I still can’t believe it’s me.

 Did you use a pre-session payment plan with out studio and do you recommend it? I did a pre-session plan and I do recommend it. It gives you more flexibility to get the most out of your session.

Our favorite places to shop for your boudoir shoot include VS , Boohoo , Adore Me , Torrid and Amazon. Check out our portfolio for more inspiration. Locally, we love Anna Bella Fine Linge

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