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What to Wear

My clients often tell me that figuring out what to wear is one of the hardest parts for them. The great news is that you don’t have to go too far. We provide you with our session planning guide with places to shop, what to buy and where to buy to make the entire process easier. For example, here, we used a simple lacey, sheer robe. It gives some coverage and can show a little or a lot, it’s all up to you!

Are you interested in seeing something bit more conservative? Check out a sweater session we did with the same client.

The hair and makeup styling was done by Evergreen Beauty in Gainesville Virginia.

Haymarket Virginia Boudoir Photography

Using a Sweater in Your Boudoir Session | Reston Virginia

Classic Boudoir, What to Wear

What to Wear

Bodysuits are my number 1 pick for your session

What to wear for your boudoir session… It may be the first thought after you book your session. There are so many amazing options to consider like lingerie, a sweater, robes, maybe something cute and cozy. But, today let discuss, the bodysuit.

Why wear a Bodysuit for your boudoir session?

First of all, I love a good bodysuit. Something is a little color and structure to give your shape the most flattering options. Today, the options are countless. So you can pick exactly what you like. Lace, mesh, spandex, solid materials, etc. Bodysuits create a long center line to the body elongating and stretching it out. No matter a clients shape or figure, a bodysuit is always flattering on everyone.

DC Boudoir Photography
What to wear for your boudoir session
Roosh Boudoir Photography, Northern Virginia


Obviously, when it comes to lingerie, Victoria’s Secret has some great options. But I also love Frederick’s of Hollywood and Yandy. I love a full coverage solid bodysuit like the one pictured below. They give coverage where you want them, perhaps over the girls and over the tummy area. Or perhaps you want something more sheer like the image at bottom.

Washington DC Bridal Boudoir Photography
Washington DC & Northern Virginia Boudoir Photography
What to Wear: Bodysuit


Often, clients tend to stick to black as the safe option, but we actually recommend bringing in something classic black and something in color. Color brings out your skin tones, eyes and all the little details that make you, you. So go for that blue, red, green, purple, orange, and enjoy!

DC Boudoir Photography
DC Boudoir Photography example of Bodysuit

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