Testimonial | Mel’s Thought’s on Her Session

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Why or what is your reason for doing a boudoir session? My first answer was that I wanted something for my husband for our anniversary. But the deep down answer was that I wanted to feel beautiful in my body.

Did you have any fears about your session? Were they relevant? I was worried about how my body would look. I ended up forgoing any two piece options and did body suits. Then Roosh made me feel so confident I ended up forgoing all clothing at one point.

Did you have any concerns regarding your size/shape? Feel free to share your size or concerns. Did we help you address those during your session or photography you in a way that your size/shape was not a concern?What was the outcome?  I am 200 lbs, 5’8″ with an apron tum. I was very worried about my flap of a time showing. I tried to buy some two piece options and every time I tried them on I would break down. I ended up messaging Roosh one evening and she called me right away. We talked and messaged some more. She sent me some ideas that she thought I would like and guided me to shapes and styles she though would be great on my body. When a few photos showed my unflattering time Roosh helped me reposition in a way that made those problem areas magically disappear.

What was your favorite part of your session? My favorite part was just how Roosh was able to help me see that I am beautiful. That my curves are amazing.

Did our session planning guide help you prepare for your session? Yes I was probably over prepared. I found the calls and messaging very helpful.

Would you do a session again?  I definitely want to do another session in the future! I would tell every woman of every age and size that they have to do a boudoir session at least once in their life. Every woman deserves photos that show just how gorgeous she is.

What would you tell another woman that is considering doing a session? Why did you decide to book with Roosh? I found Roosh on Tiktok. I decided to book with her when she immediately took a personal approach to my initial inquiry. She returned my message right away and called me the next day. During the shoot she was able to help me feel comfortable and confident.

What did you think of your final images/products? I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT THEM!!! THEY ARE AO AMAZING!

 Did you use a pre-session payment plan with out studio and do you recommend it? I did use the prepayment. I highly recommend everyone to do that. Not only does it help you financially plan but you also get perks.

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