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Why or what is your reason for doing a boudoir session? I always wanted to do this as a gift for my husband. I didn’t realize until I was there that I was doing it for me too. I’m a stay at home mom and I never really get the chance to feel sexy or like I am doing something for me.

Did you have any fears about your session? Were they relevant? Like most women I was nervous about how to pose my body and face. I was afraid that I would look like I was trying too hard to be sexy. Her advice made me relax and let me go with the flow.

Did you have any concerns regarding your size/shape? Feel free to share your size or concerns. Did we help you address those during your session or photography you in a way that your size/shape was not a concern?What was the outcome?  I am plus size and of course going in I was a little concerned if she could capture me in a way that was flattering. Once starting the shoot all my worries left. She knew how to make my body look better than I even expected.

What was your favorite part of your session? She was so easy to trust and talk to. She made the experience fun and not scary or intimidating.I also loved being able to show a different side of myself.

Did our session planning guide help you prepare for your session? Yes, it was such a big help. It answered any and all questions you would have. I had to ask very few questions about the process that weren’t answered in the guide.

Did you do a 1-1 call with Roosh prior to your session? I didn’t do a call but she was very prompt in replying to my questions via email.

Would you do a session again?  I will defiantly be booking another session with her in the future. I would say go in with an open mind and trust her. I brought 2 outfits and I really liked one better than the other so she had me take pictures in my least favorite outfit first. I ended up picking majority of my pictures in that outfit instead of the one I thought I was gonna like.

What made you decide to book with Roosh? How did you find your time with Roosh, the Photographer? Was she able to help you calm down, let go of your nerves, let go of your fears? And were you able to relax and enjoy your session? Anything else? What would you tell another woman that is considering doing a session? I loved her portfolio. Roosh was amazing, in her guides she answered all the questions I didn’t even know to ask. I was a little nervous but she made me feel confident and sexy. I felt like I was hanging out with a friend. The whole process was quick and easy, I could have stayed there all day getting my picture taken.

What did you think of your final images/products? I love my pictures. I liked them when we were viewing them after the shoot. Seeing them on the computer is completely different to seeing them retouched and in the album. They went from good to amazing. My husband was speechless!

 Did you use a pre-session payment plan with out studio and do you recommend it? Yes I used it and would definitely recommend it.

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