Retouching Boudoir Photos

My clients are often worried about their bruises. Let’s get to it, yes, we are retouching bruises in boudoir photography. I mean, you are investing in portraits of yourself and you want to look your best… But the truth is LIFE HAPPENS. It can be tricky in some cases. Just yesterday, I had a client that came in after falling off her horse and bruised her knee. Now, while every case is different we’ll do our best to remove the bruises when still keeping you as you. We definitely believe in Photoshop as tool. Photoshop is not the end all be all. We strive to capture you and showcase you in the best light possible.

Our favorite places to shop for your boudoir shoot include VS , Boohoo , Adore Me , Torrid and Amazon. Check out our portfolio for more inspiration. Locally, we love Anna Bella Fine Lingerie .

Find more of our work on our Portfolio.

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