5 Healthy Eating Tips Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Healthy Eating + Skin Care

I’ve been working with women exclusively for 10 years and they all ask me about dieting before their shoots. Boudoir or a portrait shoot is meant to capture you at your current moment in time. Yes, we will pose you and give you beautiful photos, you don’t need to worry about that. I don’t encourage anyone to “diet” just to have a boudoir shoot. I encourage you to take care of yourself for your better health though. Here are 5 healthy eating tips before your boudoir shoot that may help you to feel at your best.

5 Healthy Eating Tips before your boudoir shoot
5 Healthy Eating Tips before your boudoir shoot
  1. Don’t skip breakfast! You want to have energy and give your shoot all your beautiful energy. Trust me, EAT! It is hard to be sexy when you are hungry!
  2. Eat less salt. In general, salt tends to bloat most people. You decide what that means for you.
  3. Eat lots of fruit and veggies. My favorite fruits are grapefruit, strawberries and apples. All are great to help reduce bloating. My favorite veggies include asparagus since it naturally helps detox and debloat as well.
  4. Eat more fish. Fish tends to be high in protein. It is also a lean protein so it won’t leave you feeling heavy and over stuffed.
  5. Sugar- Sugar for most people can cause a host of issues from bloating, to skin breakouts and more. I am not a dietician, but I do recommend watching your sugar in take for your general health and skin care.

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