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Green Lingerie Reston Virginia Boudoir Photography
Atlanta Boudoir Photography by Roosh Boudoir Photography

Some thoughts on her session by Ms. S. We love sharing what our clients thoughts are with all of you. Clients beautiful hair and makeup was completed by Blush Away Makeup

Why or what is your reason for doing a boudoir session? As a gift for my husband for his birthday

Did you have any fears about your session? Were they relevant? Nervous, very nervous about how I would look on camera or if I would look cheesy or awkward. YES! I realized I was overreacting and just trying to psych myself out of my session.

Did you have any concerns regarding your size/shape? Feel free to share your size or concerns. Did we help you address those during your session or photography you in a way that your size/shape was not a concern?

I hate my body. I view myself as overweight. I don’t see the changes from my recent weight loss and strength. I HATE my thighs – I feel like they are huge and everyone’s eye would draw to them. Stretch marks would be an eye sore, but Roosh explained about how she could smooth them out via editing. At first I thought they are a part of me I should embrace them, but I am glad I had her smooth them on my stomach.

When starting a workout program they say take pictures as we don’t see the changes as we see over selves everyday. THIS! These pictures are my after and truly shows how far I’ve progressed. Do I still struggle, yes as my brain still goes “look at that cellulite” Am I working on my self care talk – of course and this album was a boost of confidence that I needed so badly.

My session was originally for my husband but I think it ultimately became a self care gift for myself.

Gainesville Virginia Boudoir Photography
Atlanta Georgia Boudoir Photography by Roosh Boudoir Photography

What was the outcome? What was your favorite part of your session? Viewing the photo she just took after thinking in my head “what in the world is this pose” and BAM magic and tears about how I looked in the picture and shock of that it was really me!

Did our session planning guide help you prepare for your session? Yes, the prep was good for a reminder of what needs to be done ie moisturize, water, what to bring.

Atlanta Georgia Boudoir Photography
Atlanta Boudoir | Sheet Boudoir Photography

Would you do a session again? YES, in a heartbeat! Don’t think, just listen to Roosh and what she says. She is the voice of reason and knows what the lens will portray for your body and make you look amazing!

What would you tell another woman that is considering doing a session? Yes as we discussed outfits and how I had so many I was panicking as I didn’t know what I wanted to wear. You talked me off the ledge as I was extremely overwhelmed.

What made you decide to book with Roosh? How did you find your time with Roosh, the Photographer? Was she able to help you calm down, let go of your nerves, let go of your fears? And were you able to relax and enjoy your session? Anything else? 

I reached out a couple years ago but couldn’t get the courage to book a session. She was running a special and I had a friend who booked that said- do Stefani! That’s what I needed that extra push.

My time was awesome, she has such a caring personality. She listens and guides your fears away. My first couple of pictures I was tense then I saw what she saw in her lens and bam my nerves were gone and my confidence came out like the sun on a cloudy day!

Haymarket Virginia Boudoir Photography
Atlanta Boudoir | Tank top boudoir photography

What did you think of your final images/products? 

Love love them! I struggled to eliminate pictures! Some might find this odd but I totally want to display my book at my funeral – I want everyone to see that Great Gma/grandma was a smoking hot lady in her 40’s!!!

There is also a certain picture that I said will be my main photo at my funeral as I look so happy, blessed, in love and beautiful and that’s how I always want all of my friends to remember me.

 Did you use a pre-session payment plan with out studio and do you recommend it? Yes & yes as it is an easier way to pay than one lump sum.

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