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Classic Boudoir

Earlier this week, I was fortunate to learn from my friend Jeff Mauritzen during his shoot for his corporate headshot clients. It’s such an amazing experience to learn from another photographer and to see what their eye sees compared to yours.I was even luckier to have Jeff take some headshots for me as well. This was the last photo he took of me and it is def one of my favorites. His photo, my retouch. I love both versions –the color as well as the black and white.

Which one do you like more?

Don’t forget to follow Jeff–You’ve probably seen his work for National Geographic that I’ve shared in the past as well.

I am used to being in front of the camera but it is always a new experience with a new photographer. As a middle aged woman you tend to have insecurities that you didn’t have in your 20’s. This, I know, and I understand personally. Helping other women see their beauty is my passion. Changing how they see themselves changes their lives. You may be reading this and thinking, yea right?! But I promise, you only have to have your own session to know what I am saying is true.

Professional Boudoir Photographer, Roosh Benham of Roosh Boudoir
Professional Boudoir Photographer, Roosh Benham of Roosh Boudoir

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