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Progress over Perfection boudoir photography
Progress Over Perfection, Roosh Photography

I have worked for years to build a boudoir business that meets you where you are-think of it as progress over perfection. My entire team lives and breathes that same mission.

Our experiences aren’t about the woman you think the world wants you to be, the woman you used to be, the woman you wish you could be…they are about the woman you are, because she is beautiful and so very deserving of love. 

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Atlanta Boudoir Photography
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One of the biggest misconceptions about boudoir is that you have to have the *perfect* body, the perfect financial situation, the perfect significant other to gift images to, and be able to look at yourself in the mirror and see zero flaws.

…WRONG. I’ve never *ever* photographed a client who saw zero flaws in the mirror. Boudoir is about showing up, allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable to this incredibly intimate experience, and owning who you are. If you wait until the day you think you are perfect, you are going to wait the rest of your life and this opportunity will pass you by. 

Your imperfections are welcome here, your brokenness is welcome here, your quirks are welcome here, your fear/doubt/timidness is welcome here. I will meet you where you are, and together we will create art that reminds you that no matter where you are in your journey–you are worthy, beautiful, and capable of facing your life head on. 

You can’t afford NOT to have this experience.

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Atlanta Boudoir Photography
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  1. […] All of this is so in line with one thing I absolutely adore about the POWER of a boudoir experience. Once you’ve been *this* vulnerable in front of someone, you start to see that stepping out of your comfort zone and getting insanely brave is scary as sh*t at first, but it gives you proof that you CAN DO hard things. In fact, you can ROCK THEM. Don’t be afraid of the process, babe. Don’t let yourself believe you can’t have the things your heart aches for. DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. Don’t fear the process. […]