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One thing I am always guilty of is beating myself up because I’m not *exactly* where I want to be-don’t fear the process. I compare myself to the girl I think has it ALL, to the fit chicks I see power-walking in the neighborhood while I suck in my gut, to the entrepreneur who has achieved everything I’ve ever dreamed of, to the mom who grocery shops with five kids and makes it look effortless while I wrestle my one child in and out of the basket trying not to make a scene. 

I tend to forget that I am not a tree. I don’t have to stay exactly where I am–I can adjust and change things as I want. Wanna know what my biggest problem is? I’ve been AFRAID of the process. I hold myself back and get in my own way when I think about my dreams and goals. 

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Northern Atlanta Boudoir Photography | Roosh Photography

If you can relate, let me just drop the same truth bombs right here that I’ve been preachin’ to myself. No dream or goal is too big for you. Nothing is “out of your league.” You’ll never be perfect, and it’s okay to be a hot a** mess. Working towards your goals doesn’t have to be pretty–all you need is the belief in yourself that you were crafted to do *amazing*, world-changing things. 

Don’t Fear the Process

All of this is so in line with one thing I absolutely adore about the POWER of a boudoir experience. Once you’ve been *this* vulnerable in front of someone, you start to see that stepping out of your comfort zone and getting insanely brave is scary as sh*t at first, but it gives you proof that you CAN DO hard things. In fact, you can ROCK THEM. Don’t be afraid of the process, babe. Don’t let yourself believe you can’t have the things your heart aches for. DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. Don’t fear the process.

What is the dream you have for your life that gets you fired up? Are you working towards it? If not, how can we cheer you on so that you start?

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