Maternity boudoir celebrates the beauty and femininity of pregnancy. Like other forms of boudoir, the mom-to-be wears lingerie like flowy gowns, babydoll lingerie, or casual t-shirts - she can even pose nude for the photoshoot! But maternity boudoir is about so much more than sensuality or wearing sexy outfits - it’s about celebrating your womanhood and the magic of the life your body is creating.

Many of our clients choose to do a maternity boudoir shoot for themselves to preserve this life-changing milestone with remarkable maternity boudoir portraits. As your child grows up, you’ll be able to look back on these portraits and cherish the beauty, strength, and power of your pregnancy.

What is Maternity Boudoir? 


Maternity is beautiful, and so are you! The new life blossoming inside you is a result of love, and it deserves to be celebrated!

Maternity Boudoir In
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Pregnancy is something to be celebrated - not something to feel self-conscious about. You may feel insecure about your body during pregnancy, but boudoir shows you just how beautiful you truly are. Every physical change is the result of your amazing ability to create new life, and that deserves to be honored.

A maternity boudoir shoot is meant to show off your glowing skin and hair, appreciate the curve of your baby bump, and highlight the beauty of the life growing inside. With all that you do, you deserve to be rewarded and pampered with a photoshoot experience that showcases this momentous occasion in your life.

Why Have a Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot?

I'm Ready!

There are NO rules for what you wear during your pregnancy boudoir photoshoot. What you wear depends on your personal style, what you’re comfortable with, and the types of images you want to create.

I’m here to help! I'll provide styling and wardrobe guidance throughout your maternity boudoir experience. Maternity boudoir outfits range from comfy sweaters, sexy lingerie, and form-fitting dresses to nothing at all - but the final choice is always yours. For inspiration, check out the gallery below!

What Outfits Should I Wear for Maternity Boudoir?

I suggest that you have your maternity boudoir shoot between 28 and 36 weeks (seven to eight months) into your pregnancy.

Shooting during this time gives you the best of both worlds because your belly is a perfect bump and you’ll feel comfortable enough to pose for photos.

When Should I Do My Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot?

ATLANTA's Top Boutique Boudoir Experience

As a woman in her 40's I have experienced it all with my body-confidence, shame, fear, weight gain, weight loss, giving life to children and all of the complications our bodies go through that and everything afterwards.

I understand your concerns, they have been mine too, but now I help all women work through it all and celebrate this moment, this stage of your life, just as you are.

Almost all my clients express having a sense of "I did it" after their sessions. A sense of I didn't know I could look like that! It is beautiful to watch clients transform obviously on the outside, but more so on the inside to give themselves the grace and appreciation they deserve. 



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