Roosh Boudoir Photography near Duluth Georgia

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Roosh Boudoir Photography near Duluth Georgia

Georgia Boudoir Photography

Our Atlanta based area boudoir photography studio has been professionally serving women for over 10 years. This is what we do, all day, everyday. The team is made up of all women including the hair and makeup artist, retoucher and photographer. We are here to help you have an extraordinary session. We look forward to speaking with you during a complimentary phone chat to go over the process, details, specific pricing and much more.

Roosh Boudoir Photography near Duluth Georgia
Atlanta Boudoir Photography | Roosh Boudoir Photography near Duluth Georgia

The Process

First, our sessions begin with a phone consult to go over the process, pricing and more details to familiarize you with everything. Just click the link below to get started.


Next, we will send you information on how to prepare and getting ready for your shoot. Links on our favorite places to shop, what to buy and what not to buy. You will also receive a link to our Amazon page full of great outfits for your boudoir shoot. With one click you can shop, order and have your outfits show up at your door!

Atlanta Georgia Maternity Boudoir Photography
Atlanta Maternity Photography

Additionally, all of our clients have an opportunity for an additional one to one phone call with the photographer for help with planning.


Most of our clients seek us for a luxury boudoir experience and for beautiful, luxurious albums, prints, wall art and much more. We do also offer a la carte digital photos. You can find all of that and much more in our Alpharetta Georgia Boudoir Photography Studio.

Atlanta Boudoir Photography
Atlanta Boudoir Photography, Roosh Boudoir | Sandy Springs Boudoir

Don’t forget you can see more of our work in  Instagram and visit our blog or portfolio to see more work.

Our favorite places to shop for your boudoir shoot include VS ,, Boohoo , Adore Me , TorridAmazon,,

Black Lace Boudoir Photography, Roosh Boudoir Photography near Duluth Georgia

Atlanta’s Premier Boudoir Photography Studio

Check out our portfolio for more inspiration. Locally, we love Anna Bella Fine Lingerie 

Green Lingerie Atlanta Boudoir Photography
Women’s Intimate Boudoir Photography | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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