Teyha’s Boudoir Experience

Before & Afters, Classic Boudoir

What She Told Us

Teyha told us that she is a young professional that doesn’t get a chance to see herself in a sexy way. All women, young or more mature want to feel beautiful and sexy in different way, not for anyone other than themselves. Teyha was tired of being “cute” she wanted to see a different side of herself and one that we know we could bring out!

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Hair and Makeup by Evergreen Beauty

Why did you want to do a session?

“I’m an aerialist (pole dancer, lyra, and silks) and I love the emphasis on female empowerment.”

“I’m a young veterinary professional who’s also an aerial dancer on the side. I found Roosh through a mutual friend and I am SO glad that I did. This shoot was mainly to get some experience modelling in general but it became so much more. I found out how comfortable I can be in my own skin. “

“Roosh does the most amazing job at making her models/clients feel so beautiful and appreciated. Her choice in make-up artists was absolutely incredible as well. She really knew how to bring out the best of my features and in all honesty, I’ve never felt good while wearing make up. That day, I felt like I was gorgeous. I say all of this as a person who goes to work with hair tied back, no make up, and scrubs on everyday. The thing that I appreciated the most, was how much Roosh really wanted to know about me in order to get the best product she could. She also genuinely cares about what you have to say! The final photos are insane! I’ve never seen myself like that and it was most shocking seeing them for the first time. I couldn’t believe that it was me on the screen, but it still had all of my personality. I seriously believe that anyone, at any point in their life, should do a shoot. It is the biggest confidence booster I think I’ve ever had!”

What She Said About the Experience

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